Sometimes we know we need something, but we don’t know what. We can take all the supplements we can think of and eat all the whole foods we want to but we know there’s something still missing. So how do we find that answer, what do we need? Computerized nutrition testing is a way to identify what is specifically going on in your body, and what form of those vitamins are going to best help your body heal itself.
Recently we had a mother express her concerns about her 6 year old daughter who was is struggling with constipation and muscle cramps in her feet. With her saliva samples we scanned her to see what was going on in her body and discovered she had a magnesium deficiency. 2 homeopathic drops were made specifically for her body and her mother found a high quality chew-able magnesium tablet in addition to her kids multi vitamin she was already taking. Paired with chiropractic she is becoming regular, the cramps have dissipated and she feels better overall.
Because of the world we live in today with the environmental toxins and nutritionally depleted food, we can be doing everything right and still be missing parts, regardless of our age. Time to time our bodies need a little extra support to get them balanced and functioning properly again. Life is so much better when we are healthy.

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