Cold Laser - Stimulates Healing

What does Laser Therapy Do?
In a nutshell, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) causes tissues to heal faster: muscle, skin, and nerve tissue, 66% faster.
Specifically, LLLT works at the cellular level. Human cells produce a chemical known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to run the body and heal tissue. All our of body’s activities result from the use of ATP, it’s like gasoline to a car. LLLT stimulates a micro-structure within the cells called the mitochondria (the “powerhouse” of the cell because it produces ATP) to produce slightly higher amounts of ATP. Thus with more ATP at the cell level, tissues heal faster, and therefore relief comes quicker.

evrl cold laser
Woman having cold laser for neck pain

Conditions and Symptoms
As is true of many alternative therapies, you may receive alternative benefits to being treated, IN ADDITION TO what you wanted fixed in the first place. This is because the ATP being produced is “systemic”, meaning although we’re focusing the laser on a particular area, the ATP is ultimately being sent throughout your entire body.

Acute and Chronic Pain Relief- documented pain relief by ~59%.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Neuropathy-Regenerates damaged nerve tissue.

Headaches-Tension, Migraines, etc…

Strengthens the Immune system by increasing lymphatic activity.

Sciatica-Releases myofascial restrictions.

Increased Range of Motion (ROM)-exrtremely important in the prevention of degenerative joint and disc disease.

Sports Injuries-Increases healing and recovery time by up to ~66%. Also restores and improves muscle strength.

Increases ATP Production.

Decreases Edema and Inflammation.

Number of Treatments needed
On average, 4-12 treatments are necessary to begin the healing process of tissue, although in some cases relief can begin immediately. Maximum treatment would be 1 time per day per area, minimum would be 1 time per week to still see results. Multiple areas of complaint may be treated. The treatment cycle may need to be repeated, and eventually spread out.

The following videos will explain how the EVRL cold laser works and what it can do for you.

Neck & Shoulder

Low Back

Foot Pain